Zinc Oxide Tape – All you need to know

4660_GHere Firstaid4sport we sell a lot of taping products. However, it’s no secret that zinc oxide tape is our favourite kind of tape! But why I hear you ask? Well here is your guide to what Zinc Oxide is, and how you can use it.

Zinc Oxide is a rigid cotton sports tape, characterised by its strong zinc oxide based adhesive. It is used by athletes and physio therapists alike to strap up injured joints where a degree of rigidity is required. For example, depending on the technique used, zinc oxide can be used to completely immobilise a joint, for example the ankle joint, or if a different method was applied then the tape would allow for down movement but not side to side following an ankle sprain.


Zinc Oxide tape is primarily used by athletes to prevent injuries, protect wounds and help speed up healing time. It is most commonly applied to joints, for example; wrists, knees and ankles. Taping using Zinc Oxide can also be used to support muscles by stabilising the injured ligaments surrounding the muscle. Zinc Oxide tape is effective because of is highly adhesive qualities and its tensile strength, these both mean that it is rigid and able to support or immobilise any joint or muscle if applied correctly.

premium-tan-zinc-oxide-tape-p140-1527_imageZinc Oxide tape is suitable for wearing for long periods of time, as it tolerates water, dirt and humid environments well; thanks to its unique design. It is durable, friendly on the skin and suitable for strapping. Another popular use for zinc oxide is preventing sore feet, strapping feet and / or hands during high friction activity and sport will help to prevent blisters as well as injury. It is for this reason that its use is so popular within CrossFit.

The tape is easy to apply and tears without the need for scissors, making it an ideal choice for easy hassle free taping. Zinc Oxide is a perfect addition to your emergency first aid kit as it is versatile and contours to the body well.

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