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Firstaid4sport manufacturers Sports First Aid Kits, Sports Taping and Strapping along with Supports and Braces to treat or prevent sports injuries.

Using our knowledge of the game and understanding of sports injuries we have developed sports first aid kits specifically designed for sports such as Football First Aid Kits and Rugby First aid Kits with the first aid products needed to keep you on the pitch.

We also manufacture our own Zinc Oxide Tape and Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB) and have a large range of other tapes and strapping like Kinesiology Tape, Tear Light Tape, PVC Insulation Sock Tape and Underwrap.

The ethos of Firstaid4sport is focused around providing quality products with excellent product knowledge so that we can give one-to-one advice to customers. If you need Knee Braces, Back Braces or Ankle Supports but don’t know what to get them our customer service team can all advise on the product suitable for you. Customer service is central to our philosophy as this is something we excel in. We are proud of our ability to ensure the customer is well informed and we strive to follow the service through from initial contact, to delivery of the item and ensuring ongoing satisfaction afterwards.

If you would like to speak to our customer service team about any of our sports injury products please call us on 0808 169 9985.

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