SAM Splints

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The SAM Splint can bend into any simple curve, becoming exponentially stronger and more supportive. SAM Splint is globally acclaimed by emergency care providers, outdoor enthusiasts, the US military, and even NASA.

SAM Splint leverages the revolutionary C-Curve Principle to mould its foam and aluminium layers into structural arcs. This makes it strong enough for pre – or post-cast care while remaining lighter and more transportable than traditional splints that rely on heavy, rigid materials. Bend it back into its original form to stow away or remould for a separate injury.

Cut to size

SAM Splint’s two layers of closed-cell foam and its aluminium interior can be cut with ordinary scissors to adapt to any size requirements.

Mouldable aluminium

Flat, O-temper aluminium inside the splint’s outer layers moulds easily, allowing for a wide spectrum of applications.

Cleanable exterior

Exterior closed-pore foam can be cleaned and disinfected with bleach and water for reuse.

Radiolucent material

Medical professionals are able to take X-Rays and CT scans without removing the splint from the fractured or injured limb.


Designed to function across the spectrum of global temperatures

Lightweight design

Substantially lighter than plaster or fibreglass splints, SAM Splint requires only a wrap or tape to secure an injured bone or stabilise a joint.

The 3 basic bends

Without any bends, the SAM Splint is completely malleable, to be shaped however the user desires. When you make a curve or fold anywhere across its longitudinal axis, it becomes rigid and suitable for splinting. With the following 3 bends; C-Curve, Reverse C-Curve and T-Curve, the strength and rigidity allow any bone to be splinted appropriately.

C-Curve – Strong

This curve immediately adds strength and rigidity to the splint. It can be done by placing your thumbs in the centre as a place and pulling in the edges to create a shallow C.

Reverse C-Curve – Stronger

Created by firstly making the C-Curve, then bending back both edges in a reverse direction to add additional strength.

T-Curve – Strongest

Fold the splint in half lengthways then bend half of each side back in the opposite direction to create a ‘T’ shaped beam. Bending the splint this way adds exceptional strength to the splint.

Advantages, features & benefits

  • Mouldable aluminium
  • Cut the size required and shape it to the limb/area needed
  • Weather-resistant
  • Cleanable exterior
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Reusable
  • Fold it, bend it, curve it and manipulate it into whatever shape you need


SAM Standard Flat91.4cm x 10.8cm
SAM Standard Roll91.4cm x 10.8cm
SAM Junior45.7cm x 10.8cm
SAM XL91.4cm x 14cm
SAM Finger9.4cm x 4.6cm

36 inch – Roll, 36 inch – Flat, Junior – 18 inch, XL, Finger – 1.8 inch

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