Tubular Bandage – 10m

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What is Tubular Bandage?

High quality elasticated tubular bandages available in a range of sizes covering ankles, knees, thighs, wrists and elbow joints. Cost effective design – can be cut to size to suit the individual and are reusable and washable. Quick and easy to apply, these tubular bandages stay in place without the need for tapes or pins. Use double layers for sprains, strains and over joints. Can also be used as a dressing retention bandage. 10 metre in length.

Size Guide

SizeWidth (cm)Application
A4.5Infant foot or arm
B6.25Small hand or arm
C6.75Medium arm / Small ankle
D7.5Large arm / Medium ankle / Small knee
E8.75Large ankle / Medium knee / Small thigh
F10Large knee/ medium thigh
G12Large thigh

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