Trimona Wax Hand Grip Resin (250g)


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What is Trimona Wax Hand Grip Resin 250g?

Trimona Wax is a sticky, natural resin used in many sports to improve grip. Although it originally made it’s name as a handball grip enhancer, it is ideal for rugby players and basketballers to improve handling, especially in wet conditions. The resin is made from completely natural ingredients which has been dermatologically tested and is free from any harmful substances.

This stuff will stay sticky and not let you down in a match or training. You can have more confidence in your ball handling which will massively improve your game.

How do I use Trimona Wax Hand Grip Resin 250g?

To use the Trimona Hand Wax Grip Resin, simply apply a small amount to the hands and rub together to ensure a good coverage. Try not to apply too much because you may find it difficult to release the ball for a pass, shot etc. The Trimona Wax Hand Grip Resin should stay sticky in rain, mud and tough conditions. It is recommended to use the Trimona Wax Remover Wash 250ml to remove this from the skin.


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