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What is the Firstaid4sport Taping Starter Kit

This Taping Kit has everything a beginner to taping will need to strap and tape a sports injury. It can be used when an injury has occurred or as a preventive measure.

The Zinc Oxide Tape included in the Starter Kit is ideal for a range of injuries including sprains and strains of the joints such as the ankles, knees and wrists. It will also help stabilise and support the joints during training and competing. Zinc Oxide Tape is a rigid sports tape with a strong adhesive, we have a fantastic guide on Zinc Oxide you can find here.

The Underwrap inside the kit is a lightweight foam used for pre taping. It provides a layer under the tape to protect the skin against chaffing, and friction. It easily conforms to the skin and makes taping more comfortable and long lasting.

If you are unsure of how you should tape we recommend taking it along to your Physio or you can take a look at our Taping Guides.

What is in the Firstaid4sport Taping Starter Kit?

  • Â Orange Firstaid4sport grab bag
  • 1 x Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm x 13.7m
  • 2 x Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide Tape 3.8cm x 13.7
  • Firstaid4sport Underwrap 7cm x 27m
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