Seirin J Acupuncture Needles (Pack of 100)

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Seirin J-Type needles are particularly gentle to insert due to the individual guide tube in which they are supplied. The rounded edges of the tube allow the silicon coated needles to be placed in comfort and without any pain. J-Type needles are as fine as hair and are made of stainless steel so that they can be inserted with a minimum amount of pressure. The precise centering of the needles in the easy-to-hold plastic grip allow a maximum of precision during the course of the treatment. The special bonding technology with which the tube is connected to the needle handle, ensures that the guide tube can be easily removed, once the needle is inserted into the acupoint.

Differing lengths and diameters available. Call us on 01522 875252 if your required size is not listed.


0.16mm x 15mm, 0.16mm x 30mm, 0.16mm x 40mm, 0.20mm x 40mm, 0.20mm x 50mm, 0.25mm x 30mm, 0.25mm x 40mm, 0.25mm x 50mm, 0.30mm x 30mm, 0.30mm x 40mm, 0.30mm x 50mm

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