PVC Sock Tape

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What is PVC Sock Tape?

PVC Sock Tape is a strong, hard wearing adhesive tape. Made from Polyvinyl Chloride it is available in a wide range of colours. It has been popular in Football for a long time and is wound around a players socks above and below the shin pads to keep them in place.

For years, most players used any tape of any colour but recently FIFA bought in a new rule regarding the tape players can use. In 2012 they made the decision that any tape or material worn over a players socks must match the colour of their socks. The rule change was put in to place to help assistant referees when looking across the offside line to enable see the distinction between the teams. Players wearing too much tape or different colours of tape can make this difficult.

PVC Sock Tape is also a firm favourite for Rugby Teams for two main uses. The first is for protection. Sock Tape is placed over cohesive bandage around a players head to protect their ears. This is important when being part of the scrum. Secondly, it is used by the second rows and jumpers in lineouts. Once EAB and a lifting block are applied to the players thigh, sock tape is then added to hold the lifting block in place. This allows the players to lift the jumper higher for longer, increasing the chance of winning a lineout.

You can watch our videos on Ear Taping and Thigh Taping here and PVC Sock Tape makes up part of our Rugby Lifting Kits.


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