Premium Tan Zinc Oxide Tape – 13.7m

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  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Very strong adhesion
  • High tensile strength
  • Roll length: 13.7m

What is Premium Tan Zinc Oxide Tape?

Firstaid4sport P Tan Zinc Oxide Tape is our range of Rayon coated sports tape. Rayon is a man made fibre that is stronger than the standard cotton zinc oxide tapes. You can tell the difference by closely looking at the fibres in the tape, natural cotton will not be a completely smooth string, there will be bobbles and lumps within the natural length, where as rayon is extruded completely uniform to make a stronger fibre.

Why do I need Firstaid4sport Premium Tan Tape?

Being Rayon Coated gives the tape more abilities than a standard Zinc Oxide Tape. It’s tensile strength increases and it resists water and sweat more. The Rayon coating also helps reduce friction between the tape and clothing as it has more of a sheen on the material. With a strong adhesive backing it forms a secure bond onto the skin or pre-wrap. All these properties make it one of the longest lasting tapes, even in the toughest environments. As the rayon material can cope with a stronger force before breaking, the adhesive applied has been strengthened to provide more grip to the surface – this is why it is premium.



2.5cm x 13.7m, 3.8cm x 13.7m, 5cm x 13.7m

Pack Size:

1 Roll, 20 Rolls, 30 Rolls, 40 Rolls

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