Mueller Tear Lite Tape White

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  • Lightweight EAB
  • Open weave material
  • Strong adhesive
  • Latex free

What is Mueller Tear Lite Tape?

Mueller Lightweight elastic adhesive bandage is tearable and very economical. Tear Lite tape is adhesive sports tape which is hand tearable. It is an open weave material with a strong adhesive that contains dry natural rubber. It is easy to unwind all the way to the end of the roll.

Latex Free.

The tape is ideal for light support and compression of injuries. It is used as a fixation bandage, for light weight joint stabilisation with a bit of movement or even for holding cold packs in place. It is the most versatile of any tape or bandage available and is a must for any Sports First Aid Kit.

Mueller Tear Lite tape is perfect for rugby lineout taping.


3.8cm x 6.9m, 5cm x 6.9m, 7.5cm x 6.9m

Pack Size:

1 Roll, 16 Rolls, 24 Rolls, 32 Rolls

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