Mueller Regular Icebag Wrap with Medium Icebag

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  • Neoprene Z shaped wrap
  • Each arm is 43cm long
  • Full wrap Length 114cm
  • Contains medium ice bag

What is the Mueller Ice Bag Wrap with Medium Icebag?

Mueller Ice Bag Wrap with medium Ice Bag is a thermal neoprene wrap in a Z shape that incorporates velcro closures on the two longer ends for infinite adjustability and graduated compression. Each “arm” of the wrap is 43cm long, which gives the neoprene wrap a total length of 114cm, ideal for thighs, shoulders and backs.

The Mueller Ice Bag has a secure screw top that is wide enough to fit whole ice cubes, the neck of the ice bag can then be poked through a circular hole in the wrap allowing the neoprene arms to encircle the body part or limb and offer hands free application of cold therapy.

The Mueller Ice Bag is made with a high tech liner that will not drip or leak. Instead the light blue fabric turns darker as it wicks moisture away – evaporating without dripping – so you stay dry.

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