Mueller Max Dual Knee Strap


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What is the Mueller Max Knee Strap?

The Mueller Max Dual Knee Strap Relieves pain on the outside of the knee caused by Ilio-Tibial Band (ITB) Friction Syndrome or more commonly known as Runners Knee. This patented dual action knee strap provides pressure above and below the kneecap which removes the pressure on the tendons attaching to the kneecap. By correcting knee cap posture the Mueller Max Knee Strap relieves strain on the Ilio Tibial Band and this reduces the friction that causes Runners Knee pain during running activities.

The knee strap’s breathable, mesh fabric allows for an all-day comfortable fit.

When can I use the Mueller Max Knee Strap?

Perfect for the relief of symptoms of mild to moderate IlioTibial Band (ITB) Friction Syndrome, Runners or jumpers Knee, patella tendonitis, arthritis, osgood schlatters disease, growing pains and general kneecap pain. Can be used in all sports for the relief of a niggly kneecap often caused by overuse.

One size fits most between 30.5-45.5cm circumference.

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Low Support, One Size Fits Most, Universal (Left or right), Wraparound

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