Mueller FasciaDerm PF Tape

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Mueller FasciaDerm® PF Tape is a system which treats Plantar Fasciitis using a simple taping technique. The Mueller FasciaDerm® PF Tape is a unique, rigid sport tape which comes pre-cut in and ready to apply without any prior experience in taping techniques. The tape is applied daily and will last throughout the day, offering support to the Plantar Fascia and ankle. It stabilises the foot, limiting pronation and supination while taking pressure away from the Plantar Fascia.

For best results, the Mueller FasciaDerm PF Tape should be applied daily with the foot set at 90° to the leg. Normally you might expect reduced pain in 1 – 5 days, however it is advised that you continue treatment for 14 – 21 days to ensure complete recovery.

Each pack of Mueller FasciaDerm PF Tape contains 7 applications.

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