Mueller Beige Elasticated Wonder Wrap

FROM: £13.50


– Multi use knee support

– 3 inches (7.5cm) wide

– 2 lengths available

– Velcro end for securing

What is the Mueller Elasticated Wonderwrap?

Mueller Wonder Wrap is an all purpose wrap that offers firm support. Durable and reusable, this 3 inch wrap helps reduce muscle strain while maintaining its elasticity for long term use. The smaller Wonder Wrap stretches from 70cm to 99cm (36 inches) making it ideal as an all purpose support for the wrist, ankle, elbow or knee, the larger Wonder Wrap starts at 1.4m unstretched and can get to to nearly 2m, suitable for the thigh, back and shoulder.

This product is also suitable to hold hot and cold packs firmly in place. Mueller Wonder Wraps have one sewn end and the other has velcro hooks that secure to anywhere on the wrap itself and they are made from elasticated nylon which allows the Mueller Wonder Wrap to be washed and reused.

When can I use the Mueller Elasticated Wonderwrap?

The Mueller Elasticated Wonderwrap can be used for many different applications. For example, if you suffer from a weak patella, one that moves around freely or feels quite loose, the Mueller Wonderwrap can be applied to the knee and around the patella, securing it in place and preventing it from moving around.

It’s most popular use would be that with ice or cold packs. If you need targeted cold therapy to a certain area, this can often be difficult to keep it in the correct place, however the Wonderwrap can be very effective in securing it to that area. As it is very elasticated, it can be pulled very tight to provide compression.


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