Mallet Finger or Thumb Splint

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  • Splint for finger or thumb
  • Comfortable protection for finger sprain
  • Ideal for Mallet Finger Injury

What is a Mallet Finger/Thumb Splint?

A mallet finger/thumb splint is designed to immobilise the end of a finger or thumb to keep the bone straight and prevent any further injury.

They are often put on the digit, and then taped on to stop them from moving around. This still allows the finger or thumb to breathe while providing rigid support.

Use a 1.25cm Zinc Oxide (rigid, sticky tape), 2.5cm Tear Lite (stretchy, sticky tape) or 2.5cm Cohesive (stretchy, rubberised grip tape but not “sticky”) for securing.

Measure the circumference of the top knuckle of your finger or thumb, at the widest point.

SizeCircumference (cm)
Size 14.5 – 5
Size 25 – 5.5
Size 36 – 6.5
Size 46.5 – 7
Size 57 – 7.5
Size 5.57.5 – 8
Size 68 – 8.5
Size 78.5 – 9

If you already have a splint please re-measure as different brands come up differently sized.

Please be aware that size 5 is smaller than size 4 and size 5.5 is considerably bigger – this is to differentiate between the thicknesses of fingers and thumbs.

Sizes 1-4 are usually for fingers while 5-7 are for thumbs. For the small cost of the item and the considerable postage in comparison, we suggest purchasing a couple of sizes especially if there is apparent swelling.


Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 5.5, Size 6, Size 7

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