Leukotape P Zinc Oxide Combi Pack

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What is the Leukoplast P Zinc Oxide Tape?

This premium zinc oxide tape pack is ideal for Patella Taping and helping to reduce Patellofemoral pain. When used correctly Patella Taping has a number of benefits such as;

  • Decreasing pain during activities like sport
  • Reducing the risk of knee injuries
  • Helping aid recovery time and getting you back to sports earlier
  • Correcting and stabilising Patella Tracking

You can read our blogs on knee injuries here.

The Fixomull Fixing Tape is part of an important pre taping method. It protects the skin from chaffing and friction which can be caused by a tapes adhesive. It also holds the layer of tape in place giving longer lasting taping.

The Premium zinc oxide tape has a high tensile strength and a strong adhesive which will ensure a tape that lasts. It is porous, meaning the skin can breathe and that it does not absorb sweat and water.

What is in the Zinc Oxide Combi Pack?

  • 1 x Fixomull fixing tape
  • 1 x Leukotape P Zinc Oxide
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