Koolpak Standard Reusable Hot/Cold Packs

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Instant pain relief from aches and strains. Suitable for treating both acute (cold therapy) and chronic (heat therapy) injuries

  • Conforms to the shape of the application area to ensure maximum coverage and relief
  • Freeze in the freezer, cool in the fridge or heat in the microwave
  • Lasts longer than an instant ice or heat pack
  • Suitable for all ages including children and the elderly
  • Available in 3 sizes to suit any need including – wrists, elbows, arms, ankles, knees, legs, necks and backs
  • Supplied individually
  • Please note that the gel used inside the packs has been changed to make it easier when heating in a microwave and also to conform better to the body, the new gel is a slightly lighter colour and more liquid in consistency
  • Packs contain carbomer, glycerol and water
  • Choose between Small, Medium and Large sizes, depending on the size of the affected area

Size Dimensions:

Small – 13cm x 14cm

Medium – 12cm x 28cm

Large – 16cm x 28cm

Heat Therapy Benefits:

  • Promotes blood flow to an injured area
  • Dilates blood vessels helping sore and tightened muscles to relax
  • Suitable for the treatment of chronic muscle pain or sore joints
  • Also suitable for warming up stiff muscles before activity, tendonitis, relieving spasms and osteoarthritis
  • Not to be used on open wounds, if the skin is hot, red or inflamed, the area is numb. Excessive heat should be avoided

Cold Therapy Benefits:

  • Reduces blood flow to an injured area
  • Slows the rate of inflammation reducing the risk of tissue damage and swelling
  • Numbs sore tissues acting as a localised anaesthetic
  • Slows down pain messages being transmitted to the brain
  • Most effective within 48 hours of an injury
  • Not to be used on open wounds, if a person is already cold, the injured area is already numb and if there is a risk of cramping

Small 13cm x 14cm, Medium 13cm x 28cm, Large 16cm x 28cm

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