EAB Tear Light Tape

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  • Tearable light weight EAB tape
  • Slight stretch and adhesive
  • Cotton with hypoallergenic adhesive
  • 2.5cm, 5cm and 7.5cm widths available

What is Firstaid4sport EAB Tear Lite Tape?

Firstaid4Sport lightweight tearable EAB Tear Lite Tape is a 100% cotton stretch tape made from an open weave cotton with a strong adhesive. Made with dry natural latex and a hypoallergenic adhesive. The tape has a computerised unwind design which means it comes away from the roll with ease and unwinds to the core. This Elastic Adhesive Bandage Tape is tearable by hand and it gives a high level of compression, conforming and adhering to any part of the body.

What can I use EAB Tearable Tape for?

Tearable EAB is commonly know as “Rugby Lifting Tape” due to it’s popularity within the sport. It is used most in fixing lifting blocks to the lineout jumpers thighs, and also taping around the head and ears of those in the second row of the scrum for protection.

Firstaid4sport Tear Lite Elastic Adhesive Bandage is great as a fixation bandage when holding in place dressings and ice packs. Tearable EAB is probably the most versatile of any bandage available and with the ability to hand tear this tape with no need for scissors makes it is a must for any First Aid Kit.

Why is EAB Tearable Tape 6.9m long?

Tear light tape, tearable EAB is commonly used in ankle taping for a figure of 8 around the ankle – mainly for prevention of injury on both ankles. The reason for the length is that 1 roll will cover 2 ankles exactly using a traditional taping method. The professionals can whiz the tape around 2 ankles in a mater of seconds and the core goes into the bin and onto the next.

See our Figure of 8 ankle taping video for more information – as shown by Julie Heyton – former Physiotherapist with Leicester Tigers for 11 years.

Pack Size:

1 Roll, 16 Rolls, 24 Rolls, 48 Rolls


2.5cm x 6.9m, 5cm x 6.9m, 7.5cm x 6.9m

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