Donjoy Wrist Wrap

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The Donjoy Wrist Wrap is very a very popular diving wrist guard as worn by some of the top divers in the world, including Tom Daley.

Springboard or platform divers can hit the water at speeds of up to 35mph, and cliff divers can reach over 60mph! A large amount of force is applied to the wrist on impact with the water so wearing a diving wrist guard is important to protect the wrist from injury.

The Donjoy wrist wrap protects the wrist by limiting the range of motion of the joint with interchangable foam inserts. This prevents the wrist bending too far or overtwisting on impact to the water.

1 x Wrist Wrap per pack. Buy 2 and save.

Size ChartWrist Diameter (cm)
Small12.75 – 15.25
Medium15.25 – 17.75
Large17.75 – 20.25

 How to measure:

• Measure around your wrist joint with a flexible tape measure

• Use this measurement to choose your size from the table above


Pack Size:

2 (1 pair), Single


Small, Medium, Large

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