Donjoy Fortilax Children’s Elastic Knee Support

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– Children’s knee support

– Comfortable weave material

– Neoprene and latex free

– Supportive and warming, but none restrictive

What is the Donjoy Fortilax Children’s Elastic Knee Support?

The Donjoy Fortliax Children’s Elastic Knee Support is an elasticated, closed knee support in children’s sizes for support and compression, to help with any tweaks, aches and pains. The Fortilax has an excellent anatomically knitted with a comfortable multi-directional elastic fabric, along with a looser knit behind the knee for added comfort and less ‘bunching’. It also features a stretchy, non-compressing weave directly over the patella to prevent local swelling. Fits either left or right knee.

This product is especially popular with children due to its low profile design, allowing the child to continue their day to day activities and sports without feeling restricted. It has been designed with comfort in mind, as this is essential in a child’s product, so the wearer does not want to remove the support, and almost forgets they are wearing it.

When can my child use the Donjoy Fortilax Children’s Elastic Knee Support?

The Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Knee Sleeve can help relieve symptoms and pain from Growing Pains, Osgood-Schlatter disease (OSD), juvenile arthritis, or just offer a bit of support and coverage for a knee that has been cut and scraped regularly.

Children who have experienced problems with their kneecaps, such as dislocation or movement, this product would effectively help this, as it would prevent the patella from slipping out of place.

What size does my child need of the Donjoy Fortilax Children’s Knee Support?

Simply measure around the thigh 6″ above the kneecap, whilst your child is stood up, and their leg is slightly bent, this will correspond to a size below;

Size ChartThigh Diameter (cm)Thigh Diameter (inches)
XX Small30 – 3411.5 – 13
X Small35 – 3813.5 – 15
Small39 – 4215.5 – 16.5

X X Small (Paediatric), XSmall (Paediatric), Small




Child Size, Universal (Left or right)

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