Cura Heat Back Pain Relief Heat Patches

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Cura-Heat Back & Shoulder Pain’s heat action lasts for 12 hours and once removed the warmth can continue to offer a further 12 hours of pain relief – that’s a full 24 hours. Open the sachet and apply against clothing or underwear where the heat can then radiate through to the skin – decreasing stiffness, relaxing tense aching muscles and improving mobility. Non-medicinal, fragrance-free, and with a thin discreet design, Cura-Heat provides a convenient way to manage your back and shoulder pain.


How do Cura-Heat Heat Patches work?

Cura-Heat contains iron, activated carbon, and water. Once the sachet is opened, these ingredients come into contact with the oxygen in the air and an oxidising reaction occurs the ingredients oxidise and produce heat. The combination of ingredients has been specially formulated to ensure a constant and comforting heat.

How does heat therapy with Heat Patches help?

Heat therapy has long been used as a method of pain relief. Cura-Heat can deliver heat therapy in an easy-to-use targeted adhesive patch. Cura-Heat works by increasing blood flow to the place of application which reduces pain decreases stiffness and can relax sore muscles.
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Pack of 7, Single


Apply to Clothes, Direct to Skin

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