Cohesive Rip Tape

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What is Cohesive Bandage?

Cohesive Bandage is popular as it does not adhere to the skin, it only a adheres to itself. This makes it ideal for any taping on the skin as removing it does not cause pain like adhesive tapes do. This Cohesive Bandage is NOT Latex free. It is made from a Woven material coated in a rubberised type adhesive that can be peeled apart very easily and reused if required.

Growing in popularity in football, Cohesive is a becoming a favourite to replace PVC Sock Tape. Used by goalkeepers and players alike to hold up socks and shin pads. It also offers pa good level of protection and support. Goalkeepers like to use it on their wrists, fingers and hands to stabilise those areas in a game. In Rugby it protects a players ears and hair from sticky Zinc Oxide tape and helps keep lifting blocks in place.

With the woven material it can also be used as a blood spill tape as will absorb fluid – ideally place a dressing pad over the wound and the tape can be wound (not too tightly, leave room for your little finger to slide under the bandage) to hold the pad in place – if blood is seeping through then some pressure and elevation of the wound may be required while medical assistance is sought.

Pack Size:

1 Roll, 24 Rolls, 36 Rolls


5cm x 4.5m, 7.5cm x 4.5m

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