BD Safety-Lok Blood Collection Sets

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Safety ensured at the push of a button

  • Single-handed safety activation with irreversible locking mechanism
  • Locking is confirmed with an audible click
  • Activated immediately after the blood draw and helps protect against needlestick injury
  • Can also be used short-term to administer intravenous fluids (2 hours)
  • Used for collecting blood samples from patients
  • Supplied in sterile wrapped packets for easy dispensing around clinic or medical rooms
  • Completely latex-free
  • Come as a pack of 50

How To Use:


  1. After completing the blood draw and the final tube has filled, remove the Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set by grasping the translucent yellow safety shield grip area with the thumb and index finger while at the same time grasping the tubing securely with the other 3 fingers
  2. Advance translucent yellow safety shield forward with thumb and index finger until the needle is completely covered and a click is heard, indicating that the safety shield is locked in place over the needle tip.
  3. Once the safety shield is completely advanced, dispose of the device in an approved sharps container.

21g Green, 12" Tubing & Luer Adaptor, 23g Light Blue, 12" Tubing & Luer Adaptor, 25g Dark Blue, 7" Tubing & Luer Adaptor

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