Aircast Cryo Cuff Cooler

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– Controlled cold compression

– Gravity cooler

– Use with Aircast Cryo Cuffs (Not included with this listing)

– 6-8 hours Cold Therapy

What is the Aircast Cryo Cuff Cooler?

The Aircast Cryo Cuff Cooler is a very effective and targeted cold compression device, capable of 6-8 hours of cryotherapy. The durable bucket is coupled with cuff’s for specific body parts, which can be found here.

Cryotherapy (cold therapy) is used to reduce swelling and bruising and can hugely decrease recovery and rehabilitation time following injury or post operation. Ideally used in conjunction with slight compression (with a tubular bandage) and elevation of the limb to withdraw swelling from the area (RICE – Rest – Ice – Compression and Elevation for soft tissue injuries).

After an injury blood vessels are damaged and this allows blood cells and fluid to seep into spaces around the joint, resulting in swelling and bruising. When ice is applied the temperature decreases and constricts local blood vessels, slowing metabolism and decreasing fluid build-up. Ice can also numb nerve endings, reducing the transfer of impulses to the brain that register as pain. The Cryo/Cuff System reduces the need for multiple ice packs in the freezer and is great for medium to long term use.

How do I use the Aircast Cryo Cuff Cooler?

This is the Gravity Aircast CryoCuff Cooler – his means that you place the bucket above the affected area, open the valve, and let the ice cold water flow into the cuff. This then provides targeted compression and cold therapy to the affected area, when the water warms up, you can flip the process, allowing the water to drain back into the bucket, cooled down by the ice in the bucket, and then back into the cuff.

A simple tip for use with this item, is rather than using small ice cubes, freeze a larger block of ice, using a small container such as a yogurt pot or empty margarine box, (ensure it fits into the bucket). A block of ice from this will last longer and cool down the water more effectively without melting.

Also available is the automatic powered pump for continual circulation of the chilled water but the cooler can be used easily without.

Replacement Parts

Cryo Cuff replacement tube

Cryo Cuff IC automatic pump lid

Power supply for Cryo Cuff IC automatic pump lid

All cryotherapy

Please note that this item cannot be returned for a refund once used with water.

This is for the cooler “bucket”, tubing and silver insulating disk only – cuffs will be required separately – or will often be given to take home after use in hospital.

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