Affinity Athlete Portable Massage Couch


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The Affinity Athlete is designed to withstand vigorous treatments such as Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Osteopathy, whilst offering superior comfort and improved access. The lifting backrest is perfect for seated treatments, consultations and strapping.
Affinity Athlete
The hour-glass shape reduces the need for stretching and leaning and the Reiki End Panels enable the therapist to sit close to the couch when carrying out seated treatments. The couch is very lightweight, making it ideal for mobile therapists and it is extremely comfortable for clients. Innovative bodyshaped (hourglass) couch gives the client the comfort and security of a wider couch but the tapered middle section allows the therapist exceptional access to the lumbar region.

If you are looking to safeguard your health and income in the long term, this table is ideal.

Suitable for both fixed site and mobile practitioners.

• Weighs just 16kg
• Adjustable height: 58cm – 81cm (23″-32″)
• Length: 74″ (185cm) + head rest
• Max Width: 28″
• Middle Section Width: 21″
• Max Working Weight: 205kg (450lbs)
• Warranty: 2 years
• Upholstery Colour: Navy Blue

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