Zinc Oxide Tape Team Pack


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The Firstaid4sport is especially designed and branded for Firstaid4sport. Our own zinc Oxide is a great quality 100% cotton tape with good adhesive properties. The tape has a computerised unwind design. This means it comes off the roll smoothly and it unwinds to the core. 

The Firstaid4Sport Zinc Oxide Team Tape Pack contains a a variety of sizes available in one box. The Pack contains 16 rolls of Zinc Oxide which are; 4 x 1.25cm – 6 x 2.5cm – 4 x 3.8cm – 2 x 5cm

The Team pack was put together for people who are strapping up joints and hands and always need a mix of tape sizes.

Fisrstaid4Sport Zinc Oxide is for the immobilisation of joints. The smooth unwind means it is very good where you need controlled application. For example when taping hands in professional boxing.

The strength of the actual tape material of the Firstaid4Sport Zinc Oxide is on average 43lbs per linear inch. It will best stick on the first application to the skin so try not to handle it too much. To increase the adhesiveness of any sticky tape, warm it up. Prepare the surface, with a pre tape spray, skin tuffner, so the glue will have no reason not to last the distance.

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