Vacuum Splints (Set of 3)

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What is a Vacuum Splint?

The granules are able to mold arounf the body part and on removing the air the fabric becomes rigid and suitably splints the injury to hold it in place for transport. Can be used on all shapes and size of patient – three lengths accommodate arm and leg combinations. They can be worn during X-ray. Durable and reusable – made from tough, hygienic vinyl-coated nylon for a long service life. Padded comfort and easy to apply.

When should I use a Vacuum Splint?

If a player sustains an injury where a suspected broken bone, fracture or dislocation has occurred then the best way of keeping the injury safe and to reduce pain is to splint it if suitably trained.


Comes as a full set of three splints – selection can be with or without the pump.

Body Part:

Set of 3 only, Set of 3 with Economy Pump

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