Twin Combi Taping Pack

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What is the Firstaid4sport Twin Combi Taping Kit

This kit for patella knee taping or shoulder AC joint strapping is great for the individual. Designed to help with general knee pain (patellofemoral) and patella tracking, it has all you need to support and stabilise the joint of the knee when playing sports.

The kit comes in a handy grab and contains 2 rolls of Dressing Fixing Tape and 2 rolls of Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide Tape.

The Fixing Tape has a strong adhesive and conforms to the skin, helping to ensure coverage over and around the knee. It makes an ideal surface for the Zinc Oxide Tape which is rigid to make sure the support lasts well.

There are several ways to support and stabilise the Knee and shoulder with tape. You can watch our Knee Taping videos here – Knee Taping Guide or Shoulder Taping Guide

What is in the Twin Combi Taping Kit

  • Grab Bag
  • 2 x Fixing tape 5cm x 10m
  • 2 x Zinc oxide 3.8cm x 13.7m


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