Tubular Bandage – 1m

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Cotton tubular bandage (commonly called Tubigrip) are lengths of close weave stretchy cotton used to support different limbs. The dimensions used are the flat width of the tubular bandage when lying on a flat surface. When pain and inflammation occur the use of compression reduces swelling, either from getting there in the first place or disseminates the fluids already there.

Tubular bandage (or Tubigrip) should be applied double for best support. Often used as a bottom layer when applying plaster casts or removable splints to keep the swelling reduced.

Tubular bandage should be applied from joint below the injury to the joint above. i.e. to support and compress the elbow the tubular bandage should go from the wrist to the shoulder or to support and compress the wrist the bandage should go from the elbow to the knuckles.

Size Guide

A4.5Infant foot or arm
B6.25Small hand or arm
C6.75Medium arm / Small ankle
D7.5Large arm / Medium ankle / Small knee
E8.75Large ankle / Medium knee / Small thigh
F10Large knee/ medium thigh

B, C, D, E, F

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