Training Zinc Oxide – 9.1m

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  • Cotton zinc oxide tape
  • Serrated edges
  • Hand tearable
  • Good adhesive, one stick

What is Training Zinc Oxide?

Training Zinc Oxide tape is a non stretchy tape used for immobilising joints. It is a good quality, strong 100% cotton, zinc oxide tape. It has a serrated edge for easy tearing, it comes off the roll smoothly. It is also known as Eurotape as the adhesive is slightly different for the European climate and the length is in meters not yards.

Why do I want Training Zinc Oxide?

This tape has a good level of adhesion but will only stick on the first application. We recommend to try not to handle it too much before applying to the skin. To increase the adhesiveness of any sticky tape, warm it up slightly and prepare the surface. Use a pre tape spray, skin tuffner or adhesive spray, so the glue will have no reason not to last the distance. For the price it is a great training tape used for several hours at a time, for a better adhesion and a longer roll see also in our suggested items below our Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide Tape at 13.7m long or for best quality our Firstaid4sport Premium Tan Zinc oxide made from a stronger Rayon material.


3.8cm x 9.1m, 5cm x 9.1m, 2.5cm x 9.1m

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