Songbird Natural Warming and Easing Balm

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Songbird Warming and Easing Balm is for use after strenuous is for spot treatment of stiff/painful muscles to ease pain and improve circulation.

Songbird Warming and Easing Balm contains a blend of traditional pain relieving treatments: Arnica, Camphor, Black Pepper, Cajuput, Ginger and Capsicum which have warming and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can combine the Warming and Easing Balm with a massage wax to create a warming pre-sport massage wax. Alternatively, apply the Warming and Easing Balm directly to the affected area for maximum effects (test skin sensitivity first).

Caution: Use with caution around the eyes and on soft body tissue. It is not intended as an all-over massage wax, but use for spot work or for extra warming of body areas. A little can be mixed in with massage wax to increase the warmth. Do not use before a hot shower or before bed.



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