Songbird Natural Tea Tree and Mint Reflexology Wax

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Songbird Reflexology Wax was developed alongside therapists who required a more tailored product for reflexology. It is a slightly thicker consistancy to the standard Songbird Wax for better control in Reflexology treatments. The Songbird Reflexology Wax also has a unique range of blends more suited to Reflexology treatments.

Songbird Tea Tree and Mint Reflexology Wax is a refreshing blend for foot treatments. The combination of Spearmint and Peppermint oils has a fresh, cooling effect, while the Tea Tree’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties cleanse and soothe the feet.

Massage wax is often preferred over massage oils or balms due to its controlled application and it is regarded as less “Slippy” which can improve the control and effectiveness of the massage. Massage wax is also less greasy than many oils making clean-up much easier.

Massage wax is in a semi-solid state until applied to the skin when it becomes an oil..


100g, 550g

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