Redcap Phosphate Buffer Solution


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Redcap™ Phosphate Buffer Solution has a neutralising effect which significantly reduces the flushing time and the volume of fluid required to dilute and neutralise acid and alkali splashes*

  • After eye or skin contact with acid or alkalis, it is only seconds before the pH value is significantly altered, and the corrosive damage may lead to permanent injury
  • Acid and alkalis must be quickly neutralised to a pH value equal to the normal level in the eye or on the skin
  • The use of ordinary water or 0.9% sodium chloride will only provide a limited degree of effective dilution with an increased flushing time
  • Quicker neutralisation, especially on the face, can relieve the distress of feeling ‘underwater’ from flushing
  • The first aider is also better protected from becoming a secondary victim whilst in contact with the contaminant
  • Supplied individually in 500ml bottles
  • *It is recommended to continue flushing with saline solution or water until medical help arrives

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