Push Sports Medical Knee Brace

FROM: £115.50


– Satin feel, breathable thin material

– Non-Axial leaf springs

– Completely natural movement

– Low profile, no bulkiness

What is the Push Sports Medical Knee Brace?

The Push Medical Knee Brace is a knee sleeve which provides substantial support to the knee joint on both the inside and outside of the knee. The knee is supported by a different style of support that mimics the old style hinges, these are called non-axial leaf springs i.e. there is no set pivot point but several layers that can all pass up and down each other to allow a really natural knee bend

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The Push Sports Medical Knee Brace, offers a high level of support without sacrificing the natural movement in the knee. With standard hinges, they only pivot in a singular place which may feel slightly restrictive, though as everybody’s knees move differently, the Push Sports Medical Knee Support, the leaf springs allow the knee to bend at any point, while still offering protection to the inside and outside of the knee, preventing against twisting, or bowing.

When can I use the Push Sports Medical Knee Brace?

A popular feature of this support, the Push Sports Medical Knee Brace, it will aid against patella tracking issues. The brace has a soft buttress that sits around the kneecap, keeping it in position, and preventing it from dislocating, or moving around unnaturally. Because of the rigidity of the Leaf Springs, if you have a bow in your knee, (leg is not straight and bends outwards or inwards at the knee point), this brace will help combat that and straighten it out, or preventing from becoming even more severe.

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The Push Sports Medical knee support will reduce the stresses and strains that can be placed on the knee joint everyday and during exercise but more importantly it will not allow any twisting or rotation to occur about the knee. With the moisture wicking, light weight, breathable material this is the ideal choice for sports people as a support for old and current injuries as well as protection to prevent any new injuries from occurring.

What size Push Sports Medical Knee Brace do I need?

To measure for the Push Sports Medical Knee Support, ensure the leg is at a 90 degree bend, and then just below the knee cap, measure the narrowest part of the knee joint.

Size ChartKnee (cms)
X Small28-31
X Large41-45


X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large


Medium Support, Stabilising Stays, Universal (Left or right)

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