Push Aequi Ankle Brace

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– Flexible composite splint

– Full bending movement

– Restricted roll over

– Elastic cross over straps

What is the Push Aequi Ankle Brace?

The Push Aequi Ankle Brace is a very effective ankle brace which provides fantastic lateral and medial support to the ankle whilst allowing for good wearer comfort. The rigid support is situated exclusively on the lateral side of the ankle and is designed to conform to the shape of the ankle and ankle bone. The medial side is made from preformed foam, which easily adapts to the individual whilst wearing.

Even though the Push Aequi Ankle Brace has mainly foam support on the medial (inside) of the ankle however the pair of elastic straps that run around from the bottom of the product and wrap around the ankle provide fantastic support to the medial side, paired with the rigid lateral support, this equally provides support to the medial and lateral sides of the ankle.

When can I use the Push Aequi Ankle Brace?

The Push Aequi Ankle Support can be used in the treatment of ankle injuries and as a long-term support in cases of chronic ankle instability. Inversion/eversion movement (rolling over and twisting) is restricted while plantar/dorsal flexion (toes up and down) allows adequate freedom. This means that no restriction is felt during normal walking and running. The Push Aequi is worn over a sock or other material for comfort, and ideal stabilisation can be achieved when worn with a closed (laced-up) shoe.

In a sporting situation, the Push Aequi Ankle Brace would be suitable for a wide range of different activities, and is not subjected to a handful. It is specifically popular with tennis, badminton, squash, and all types of racket sports due to the intense side to side movement, which the Aequi helps to prevent. However as this product allows the regular movement in the ankle, allowing you to walk and run, it doesn’t have any limits to what it might be suitable for.

What size Push Aequi Ankle Brace do I need?

To get an accurate size for the Push Aequi Ankle Support, Measure the circumference of your ankle from your instep (top of the foot where it meets the ankle) diagonally around your heel. Use this measurement to choose your size from the table below;


Size ChartAnkle (cms)



Left, Right


Small, Medium, Large


Rigid, Wraparound

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