Nitrile Gloves Medium/Large (Pair)


Order by 3pm for same day dispatch

Disposable nitrile powder free gloves are ideal for people who have allergies to latex, silicon or natural rubber proteins.Our blue nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber making them soft, flexible and 3 time more puncture resistant than Latex.

To take them off hygienically take hold of one cuff and pull the glove inside out (you can still be holding soiled waste as well for disposal) then scrunch the glove in your other hand and again pull that one down from the cuff, over the top of the first one. You will then have a ball of an inside out glove which is safer to dispose. Ideally the gloves and any soiled waste should be placed in a sealed yellow bio hazard bag and incinerated, if you do not have this ability then the best way to dispost of any soiled items is in a Ladies Sanitary Bin as this is incinerated – most sports grounds will have one in the ladies toilets.

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