MyoCuff Occlusion Cuff

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The scientific power of Occlusion training

When lighter loads are combined with occlusion, you get bigger, faster – and without having to lift as heavy of a weight. Scientific evidence shows that the addition of Occlusion training to dynamic exercise is effective for augmenting changes in both muscle size and strength. Occlusion training allows your limbs to become engorged with blood therefore increasing the concentration lactate in your blood. It stimulates the feeling of a much harder workout in the muscles while also tricking the brain into thinking the body is performing a very difficult workout. The low oxygen level in a muscle during the accumulation of blood forces your body to recruit the larger fast-twitch fibres, which stimulates more muscle growth.

What’s included in the MyoCuff Set?

  • Cuffs x 2
  • Manual Pump with an easy to measure pressure gauge x 1
  • Sphygmomanometer x 1
  • Quick Release Valve x 1
  • Easy to disconnect Tube x 1
  • Instructions x 1

Lower Leg, Upper Arm

Pack Size:

Set, Single Cuff

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