Mueller Quick Drying Adherent Pre Taping Spray

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What is Mueller Adherent Spray?

Mueller Quick Drying Adherent is designed as a pre-tape spray when, applied to skin, creates a tacky surface which helps to improve tape adherence and add security to any wraps.

When should I use Mueller Adhesive Spray?

Mueller Quick Drying Adherent is useful when the skin becomes either greasy or moist from participating in wet environments or when the skin sweats in warmer weather.

How do I remove Mueller Adhesive Spray?

Quick Drying Adherent and any tape adhered to the skin using it, is best removed by using Mueller Tape & Tuffner remover spray to help dissolve the adhesive.

Using the Mueller Quick Drying Adhesive Spray can be a fantastic alternative than using the more expensive Zinc Oxide Tapes, it will increase the stickiness of even the cheapest of tapes.


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