Mueller MTac Pump Pre Tape/Grip Spray

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  • Forms a tacky surface
  • Better tape adhesion
  • Non-aerosol pump spray
  • Wash off with Soap

What is Mueller MTac?

Mueller M Tac is a multi-use adhesive spray which can be used to help tape and pre-wrap stick better and last longer, or as a grip enhancer.

The quick-drying formula is stainless and can be easily removed with soapy water, or even easier using the Mueller Adhesive Remover spray.

The product comes as a handy, non-aerosol pump spray.

To increase tape support while using a pre-wrap: Pre-wrap can sometimes reduce the support offered by tape. To get the benefits of pre-wrap (less painful tape removal and less irritation) apply a thin, even layer or M Tac to the surface of the skin before applying pre wrap.

To use as a grip enhancer: Apply a thin layer to the hands or gloves to improve grip in wet or sweaty conditions.

Size – 236ml (8 fl oz)

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