Mueller Magic Grip Spray 3oz (84g)


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What is Mueller Magic Grip Spray?

Mueller Magic Grip is a spray designed to be directly applied to the palms of the hands or on gloves. It is essentially similar to a chalk spray, non tacky and non adhesive.

What does Mueller Magic Grip Spray do?

When Magic Grip is applied it improves the grip by forming a dry, non-tacky film over the skin, preventing both sweat and water from affecting the grip either through skin pores or from the air.

How do I remove Magic Grip Spray?

Magic Grip can be removed using soap and water and is non-toxic and biodegradable making it clean and convenient with no tacky residue.

When do I use Mueller Magic Grip Spray?

One application is required and Magic Grip is ideal in wet conditions and to stop any sliding from reduced grip which is important in racket sports sports, golf, cricket and any sport handling a ball such as Rugby, Dodgeball and bowling. Also ideal for gymnastics and pole dancing as an alternative to loose chalk.

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