LP 706 Closed Patella Knee Support

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– Offers great compression and warmth

– Neoprene material retains heat excellently

– Perfect for most minor knee injuries

– Simple attractive design

– Popular with any age group

What is the LP 706 Closed Patella Knee Support?

The LP 706 Closed Patella Knee brace is a simple and comfortable neoprene knee sleeve. Most popular with sufferers of arthritis and overuse sprains. Perfect for such injuries due to the compression and warmth it gives, preventing the joints seizing up due to being too cold, a circumstance common with arthritic knees.

The LP 706 Closed Patella Knee Sleeve is a comfortable, slim product, with no bulky hinges or rigid metals. It is defined by a bright blue design, one of LP’s brand features. The LP 706 is made from a high quality neoprene, which holds heat in, however still breathes so the support does not get sweaty.

With a closed patella design, this means the knee cap is not exposed, allowing for even more heat retention, and a protective barrier across the knee cap.

When can I use the LP 706 Closed Patella Knee Support?

It can be used for any type of sport, as it is not too restrictive, but very comfortable. Any type of injury you may find the knee area swelling, would benefit from the LP 706 Closed Patella Knee Support, as the compression it would provide, should reduce swelling and in turn reduce the pain.

It is also used as a protective barrier for weak knees, during sport, work or day to day activities. Due to its simplicity, it is popular throughout all age groups, and ability levels.

As it is slimline, it can be comfortably worn under clothing but recommended to wear in contact with the skin.

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What size LP 706 Closed Patella Knee Support do I need?

Please use a flexible tape measure, and measure around the centre of the knee cap.

Measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with knee fully extended

X-Small  11 – 12″  29.2 – 32.7cm
Small  13 – 14″  33 – 35cm
Medium  14 – 15″  35.9 – 38.1cm
Large  15 – 17″  38.4 – 43.2cm
X-Large  17 – 20″  43.5 – 50.8cm
XX-Large  20 – 22″  50.8 – 55cm



X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large


Low Support, Universal (Left or right)

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