Instant Ice Pack

FROM: £1.02

  • No freezing required
  • Size: 14cm x 24cm
  • Ice cold in seconds
  • Hour of cold therapy

What is the Instant Ice Pack?

This instant ice bag is perfect when quick, immediate cold therapy is required. They are ideal to keep pitch side in your First Aid Kit.

When dealing with an injury, Cold Therapy is vital to help the recovery process. Applying cold will help reduce the pain and inflammation to the injured area.

How do I use the Instant Ice  Pack?

To use press the small water bag inside until it bursts and shake. The ingredients react to cause the temperature of the pack to decrease. Always wrap in cloth before applying to bare skin to prevent cold burn. You can read our blog on Cold and Hot Therapy here.

 Elasticated pouches are available separately to add compression. Or put it inside a sock and tie around the affected area if you are on the side of a pitch with nothing else to hand. Can remain cold for up to 2 hours depending upon the ambient temperature

Instant Ice Packs are included in all our First Aid Kits.

Pack Size:

25, Single

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