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Ferno Vacuum Splint

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  • Effective vacuum splints for suspected fractures at the scene of an accident.
  • X-ray translucent
  • Durable and reusable
  • Padded comfort and easy to apply

What is the Ferno Vacuum Splint?

The granulated designe can be molded and when the air is removed the splint becomes rigid to that shape, helps to prevent further damage to surrounding nerves and tissue in suspected broken limbs during transportation. Works on all shapes and size of patient – three lengths accommodate all leg and arm size combinations. Effective from application to treatment – they are X-ray translucent. Durable and reusable – made from tough, hygienic vinyl-coated nylon for a long service life. Padded comfort and easy to apply.

When should I use a Ferno Vacuum Splint?

If a player sustains an injury where a suspected broken bone, fracture or dislocation has occurred then the best way of keeping the injury safe is to splint it.

What is the size of the Ferno Vacuum Splint?

SizeShort ArmLong ArmStandard LegX Long Leg
Length510 mm740 mm1090 mm1280 mm
Width330 mm610 mm690 mm990 mm
Weight0.75 kg0.80 kg1.5 kg1.8 kg

Image is of Short Arm, Long Arm and Standard Leg sizes. Price is for each individual unit only.

Body Part:

Long Arm, Short Arm, Standard Leg, X Long Leg

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