Ferno Frac Immobiliser Splint

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  • Effective vacuum splints for suspected fractures at the scene of an accident.
  • X-ray translucent
  • Durable and reusable
  • Padded comfort and easy to apply

What is the Ferno Frac Immobiliser?

The extra padding also helps to prevent further damage to surrounding nerves and tissue during transportation. Works on all shapes and size of patient – three lengths accommodate all leg and arm size combinations. Effective from application to treatment – they are totally X-ray translucent. Durable and reusable – made from tough, hygienic vinyl-coated nylon for a long service life. Padded comfort and easy to apply – open both ends U shape with large velcro fastening straps help minimise trauma during application.

When should I use a Ferno Frac Immobiliser?

If a player sustains an injury where a suspected broken bone, fracture or dislocation has occurred then the best way of keeping the injury safe is to splint it. The Ferno Frac Immobiliser (also known as a Box Splint) is a open U shape to slide the limb, (leg or arm) into and then place the padded foam block over the limb to allow the velcro straps to be tightened, holding the limb straight and allow safe movement of the patient to a medical environment for further treatment.

What is the size of the Ferno Frac Immobiliser?

2 Strap4 Strap5 Strap
350 mm600 mm750 mm
100 mm100 mm100 mm
150 mm150 mm150 mm
0.5 kg0.8 kg1.1 kg
Child Leg/arm / Adult WristChild Leg / Adult Arm / Adult Leg

(may not cover full limb)

Adult Leg

Who is the Ferno Frac Immobiliser for?

The 2 strap immobiliser is 35cm in length. This is ideal for an arm, a childs leg or an adults wrist.

The 4 strap immobiliser is 60cm in length. This is ideal for an arm, a childs leg or an adults leg but may not cover the full limb – for full leg coverage for an adult consider the 5 strap version.

The 5 strap immobiliser is 75cm in length. This is ideal for adult leg.


2 Strap, 4 Strap, 5 Strap

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