Exos Long Thumb Spica Brace with BOA

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What is EXOS Bracing?

Exos is a revolutionary, thermoformable technology, offering an adjustable and re-formable solution for the wrist. The Exos advanced technology allows you to mold the brace for the best possible fit for maximum comfort and stabilisation. The thermoformable material is light-weight, waterproof and can be easily cleaned.

What is the Exos Long Thumb Spica Brace with BOA?

The BOA reel and lace closure system offers adjustability over the whole of the brace at the same time. When twisting the BOA reel the lacing will evenly tighten and tension to create a custom fit to your wrist shape. This also allows expansion for initial swelling to reduce the risk of compartment swelling when other bracing or casts can cause restriction. The brace can be fully removed (or not with the BOA locking system) to allow for daily wearing, examination of the joint or initiation of rehabilitation and exercises.

When do I need an Exos Long Thumb Spica Brace with BOA?

The Exos Long Thumb Spica Wrist Brace can be used for primary stabilisation of the first metacarpalphalangeal (MCP) joint (base of thumb) and first carpometacarpal (CMC) joints (wrist joints) or any wrist or thumb injury that requires stabilisation or bracing. Use it after wrist or thumb dislocations or fractures, Skiiers Thumb (where the thumb is wrenched backwards), scaphoid injuries or fractures, cartilage tears in the wrist, radio-carpal ligament injuries, wrist sprains or strains where restriction of movement is required in arthritis, carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

When can I wear my Exos Long Thumb Spica Brace with BOA?

Its waterproof so can be worn in the shower or bath, can be used in the swimming pool or can be used on active people (or children) for everyday activities but be hand washed when needed. The material is antimicrobial treated to reduce odour and it can be dried with a hairdryer or stood on a radiator to dry out completely afterwards.


Please note this product cannot be returned once heated and formed unless damaged.

How do I fit the Exos Brace?

  1. Open and unfold brace.
  2. Proper heating temperature is 90°C (a very cool oven)
  3. Heat brace in Exosâ„¢ oven approximately 3-4 minutes or until brace is pliable. Brace should not be too hot to handle comfortably.
  4. Ensure that skin is completely dry before application.
  5. Fit brace on patient.
  6. Remove slack in lace by tightening Boa® Knob. Caution: Do not tighten brace fully until brace has returned to room temperature otherwise indentations in plastic may occur.
  7. Mold brace into desired position.
  8. Hook-and-loop fastener strap may be secured in the desired position.
  9. Once brace has hardened, the Boa® Knob may be tightened to desired tension. Warning: The brace should not be worn too tightly. This may produce excessive mechanical force or shear forces to the skin.

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