Donjoy IMMO Sling and Swathe

FROM: £27.48

  • Supports weight of arm
  • Terry cloth lined cradle
  • No weight on neck
  • Removable swathe

The IMMO Sling and Swathe is a comfortable version of the triangular bandage as it completely removes all of the weight of your arm from one point around your neck and spreads it across you upper torso. It is recommended for immobilisation of the wrist / elbow / arm and shoulder after injury or surgical repair. The sling incorporates a terry cloth lined arm cradle for comfort and can be used on either the left or right hand side. Comes in a range of sizes from X Small to X Large. Measure the length of the arm from the elbow crease to the fingers crease.


X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large

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