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What is the CrossFit WOD Kit?

The WOD kit for CrossFit was developed after we were asked by some CrossFitters to put together a kit they can carry in their bag to help them prepare and protect their hands for their daily WOD (Workout of the Day) or competitions.

CrossFit is notoriously hard on your hands and all those who take part in CrossFit know that protecting them is important. With workouts including weightlifting, rope climbs and pull ups, hands can become callused and sore which can lead to tears.. This kit contains a callus shaver to remove the hard skin that can form and also EAB tear lite tape to wrap around the thumbs and fingers when lifting weights and Zinc Oxide to enable you to tape your hands for rig work.

Most movements used in CrossFit can also impact all of joints, from knees with running and squatting, shoulders with pull ups and weightlifting and finally ankles with all of the above. This is because your ankles are the only joints in the body to take the pressure from the whole of your body. Because of this we have included Zinc Oxide Tape in this kit in 2 different widths. Zinc Oxide is a rigid strapping tape that can be used to stabilise and protect the joints. It has a high level of adhesion and will last your whole workout. For more in depth taping you can find all our taping methods here.

Finally in the kit you will find everyday items covering First Aid for cuts and wounds which can occur during any workout. We’ve heard catching your shin during a Box Jump is quite painful! You will see Spray Plaster for that quick fix, wipes to clean a wound and also dressings and plasters.

What is in the Firstaid4sport CrossFit Personal WOD Kit?

1 x Firstaid4sport Orange Grab Bag

6 x Alcohol Free Wound Cleansing Wipes

2 x EAB Tear Light Tape 2.5cm x 6.9m

5 x Sports Blister Plasters

10 x Washproof Plasters

1 x Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm

1 x Zinc Oxide Tape 3.8cm

1 x Medium Sterile Dressing 12cm x 12cm

1 x Spray Plaster

1 x Blunt/Blunt Scissors

1 x Callus Shaver with 10 replacement blades

2 x Big plasters 7.5cm x 10cm

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