Compex Sport SP 2.0 Electric Muscle Stimulator


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Compex Sport muscle stimulators incorporate some of the most advanced technology in the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) field. They have a wide range of applications designed to aid injury recovery, and facilitate training to improve sports performance. Compex muscle stimulators have a large number of pre-set programmes for ease of use. They can automatically judge the correct settings based on your muscle response, and then run through a complete cycle.

Benefits of using a Compex Sport EMS Machine

The Compex Sport EMS machine safely and accurately delivers muscle stimulation to a targeted area with a wide range of benefits. If you are laid-up with an injury, the Compex Sport EMS machine will enable you to maintain strength in unused muscles. If used before and after surgery, EMS is known to drastically reduce recovery times. The Compex Sport can also be used during training to activate more muscle fibers and improve performance.

Other benefits include

    • Resistance training to build strength
    • Toning and shaping for muscle definition
    • Massage and Oxygenation for improved performance
    • Pain relief

How to use the Compex Sport SP 2.0 EMS Machine

It is very simple to use, even for the absolute beginner. Simply select your training programme, attach electrodes as per the instructions, then start the cycle. It will automatically find your muscles’ optimum stimulation then cycle through the programme until it is complete.

For more advanced users, the settings are customisable. You can increase or decrease the stimulation instantly during any point in the cycle.

The Compex Sport SP 2.0 comes with the following pre-programmed categories:

      • Conditioning
      • Endurance
      • Resistance
      • Strength
      • Explosive Strength
      • Muscle Building
      • Warm-up
      • Capillarisation
      • Recovery/Massage
      • Training recovery
      • Relaxing massage
      • Reduce muscle soreness
      • Pain Management
      • Pain management TENS
      • Reduce Muscle Tension
      • Muscle Pain
      • Back Pain
      • Heavy Legs
      • Cramp Prevention
      • Fitness
      • Firm your arms
      • Tone your thighs
      • Firm your stomach
      • Shape your buttocks

The Compex Sport SP 2.0 comes complete with

– Set of 4 Snap wires

– Mi-Sensor wire

– Charger

– 2 bags of Snap electrodes 5x10cm

– 2 bags of Snap electrodes 5x5cm

– Transport case

– Instruction manual

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